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What is the difference between Standard Integration and Web Services?
Both allow us to interface with an ERP or database on the customer’s side. The key difference is where they live. Typically, our Standard Integration lives on-premise and the Web Services live in the Globaltranz Data center. The Standard Integration gives us more flexibility to manipulate the data before sending it to our system since it is customized for each customer. Web Services has a common interface that is not customizable.

How are their uses different?
Standard Integration works well if you need to interface with an ERP but still want to use the GlobalTranz Rater as the front-end processing screens. The Web Services is better suited if you are using an e-commerce platform or writing your own screens for processing shipments.

How long does it take to get integrated?

There are many variables that go into integration. We have had people integrate in a few days to as many as several months. The determining factor is the resources that are involved and the complexity of the systems being integrated.

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What functionality is available through the Web Services?

We currently support the following through:
Rating, Shipping, Tracking, Voiding, and requesting various information about the shipper and their account.

How often are they updated?
As we add new functionality to the system, we also update the Web Services. 

Do I have to migrate to the new version?
No. You only need to migrate if you need the newer functionality we added.

Do you have a testing environment to use while we develop our application?
Yes. Everyone gets access to our development system while they develop their application.

Is there a certification process?
Yes. Once you are complete, we will go through a series of steps to certify the data you are sending is going to the correct places in our system. Once certification is complete, you will be given production access.

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What languages can be used?
PHP, Classic ASP, and are all languages that can be used. If GlobalTranz helps write the integration we typically use Classic ASP.

Where does the Standard Integration live?
Since it’s an on-premise installation, you will need a Windows IIS server or Linux Apache server, depending on the language being used. Our integration team can work with you to determine the best solution.