About Cerasis

A Freight Logistics Company with a Focus on Technology and Freight Management Services Since 1997


Founded in 1997, Cerasis is a top freight logistics company and truckload freight broker. Cerasis (and our shippers) leverage proprietary web-based freight management software, the Cerasis Rater™, developed from the ground up by our dedicated technology team to ship LTL Freight, Truckload Freight, and small package freight. Cerasis continually develops the Rater™ and invests in the development of our people, always looking to improve the freight shipment and logistics processes of our shippers as well as to match their needs. Not at the mercy of an outsourced software provider, Cerasis never passes on the costs of any change to the Cerasis Rater to our customers, nor do our customers have to wait months or even years for continued logistics process improvements or to have their needs met.

In addition to this powerful, customer-centric freight management software, our freight logistics company offers full support to our shippers for both inbound and outbound freight routing, our shippers’ vendors, and ultimately our shippers’ customers through dedicated and integrated freight management services.

Cerasis provides supply chain visibility by holistically managing the entire freight logistics process by arming executives with business intelligence (BI) and predictive analysis. Instant access to critical BI, via Cerasis technology and people, allows executives to make decisions to sustainably grow their businesses all while managing risk and liability. As our customers grow, and thus ship more freight, they often do not have to add additional resources to their freight and logistics departments as our freight logistics services scale right alongside them, thus increasing our customers’ overall profitability.